Tyler turbine salesman's model

Photo courtesy John Houchin, Jr.
Photos courtesy Guy and Diane Dupre

The town of Ledyard was very fortunate to receive a generous donation of a model turbine in 2017. This seems very likely to be Tyler Turbine salesman's model for the turbine that Tyler started producing in 1874, and could possibly be one of a kind. The model is about four inches across and finely machined with a removable and operable runner and an operating gate.

The patent date of 1874 cast into the model matches it to 1874 Tyler patent US 147351 Improvements in Water Wheels. The shape of the vanes (blades) on the runner was changed in the 1874 patent design, but otherwise the turbine is the same as the operating Tyler turbine in the Ledyard mill.

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Many thanks to Michael Dupre for the donation of this wonderful model.