The Ledyard Brown family tree

Brown Family Tree clickable.pdf

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The key sources for this family tree are four genealogy volumes (all available online). Additional data were filled in from genealogy websites found with simple online searches of names. (Please keep in mind that data from these types of secondary sources should be viewed with caution.)
Brown, Cyrus Henry. Brown Genealogy. Boston: Everett. 1907.Brown, Cyrus Henry. Brown Genealogy. Vol II., Boston: Everett. 1915.Brown, Cyrus Henry. Main Genealogy. Genealogical Record of Nathaniel Babcock, Simeon Main, Isaac Miner, Ezekiel Main. Boston: Everett. 1909.Morgan, Nathaniel H. Morgan genealogy : A history of James Morgan, of New London, Conn., and his descendants; from 1607 to 1869. Hartford: Case. 1869.Some Descendants of Charles BROWNE of Ledyard, New London Co., Connecticut