Interested in Volunteering?

Email the volunteer group at or stop by the mill during visitor season.


The Ledyard Up-down Sawmill is owned by the town of Ledyard, but is operated solely by volunteers. Like this original water-powered sawmill, this volunteer opportunity is unique - you will have the chance to operate and teach others about historic New England using the only surviving operating sash sawmill in the United States which remains on its original site and is accessible to the public.

We would love to welcome you as a regular or occasional volunteer participant. We welcome those interested in historic buildings and technology, wood and wood products, blacksmithing, greeting and guiding mill visitors, or who can help with web design, social media and publicizing the sawmill. We would be pleased to teach you about the mill and sawmill technology to help you interact with visitors effectively. It is critical for volunteer groups to grow by welcoming new volunteers who have new points of view, ideas, and skills.

Volunteers since the 1970s restoration

There have been dozens and dozens of volunteers who have contributed to the Ledyard Up-down Sawmill since the Ledyard Historical Society first recognized the importance of this historical mill in the 1960s. The mill is a monument to the volunteers who raised funds, and restored, maintained, and operated the mill. And thanks also to the volunteers who have supported the sawmill through service on the Ledyard Historic District Commission and Ledyard Town Council during these the last 50 years.