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Early Sawmills in New England

Sawmills were introduced to New England very soon after European colonizers arrived in the early seventeenth century.  Because of the importance of wood and wood products to the colonies and young country, the use of water-powered sawmills spread throughout New England as the population grew during the next 250 years. Learn more.
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History of the Ledyard Up-down Sawmill

The historic Ledyard Up-Down Sawmill dates from the 19th century and today has the same sawmill and building configuration that was built by Israel Brown in 1877. Learn more about Israel's sawmill as it passed through his family and eventually was purchased by the town of Ledyard, Connecticut nearly a century later. Learn more.
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The Brown Family Sawmills in North Groton and Ledyard

Israel Brown started operating the Ledyard Up-Down sawmill in 1877, but his uncle Avery Brown and his brothers Seth and Aaron Alvah Brown  also operated mills.  Learn more.
19th Century Mills in Ledyard

19th Century Mills in North Groton and Ledyard

In Ledyard during the era of water-powered mills (1600s-1900), there were mills located at nearly every suitable location.  Learn more.